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Friday, October 9, 2015



I will be there right for your command....

Syarifah Armalia mengerling jam tangannya sebentar. Dah pukul Sembilan malam rupanya. Lama betul dia menghadap kertas-kertas kerja. Boleh naik juling rasanya dek terlalu lama memandang kertas putih dan tulisan sahaja . Agak-agak Khalif dah balik ke? Tak perasan pulak dia. Yelah dia awal-awal lagi sudah berpesan pada lelaki itu supaya tidak mengacaunya seharian ini. kalau nak balik pun jangan cakap. Balik je. Itu kata-katanya pada lelaki itu. Sekarang rasa menyesal pulak. Suasana pejabat ini pun rasa macam seram semacam pulak. Kalau ada setiausahanya itu tidaklah terasa sangat takutnya.

Haih...tak boleh jadi ni. Aku kena balik jugak. Tekadnya lalu menutup laptop dan mengemas kertas dan fail yang berselerakan di atas mejanya. Selesai mengemas, dia cepat-cepat mencapai beg tangannya dan bergerak ke muka pintu pejabat.

Saat dia mengunci pintu bilik pejabatnya entah kenapa dia terasa seperti diperhatikan. Bagai ada anasir jahat pulak yang berhampiran. Ada ke macam tu? Lengan  baju diselaknya. Huihh...meremang bulu roma aku! Pak guard ni masa-masa gawat macam ni tak nak pulak meronda. Sempat lagi dia menyalahkan pak guard kerana tidak melakukan rondaan pada waktu sekarang.

“Hai sayang!”

Syarifah Armalia segera berpaling ke arah suara yang tiba-tiba menyapanya. Sekejapan sahaja rasa takut tadi digantikan dengan rasa marah. Meluap-luap rasa marahnya. Seperti gunung berapi yang menunggu masa sahaja untuk mengeluarkan lavanya.

“You nak apa datang sini?” Keras Syarifah Armalia menyoal.

Zarif senyum menggoda. Naik menyampah pulak Syarifah Armalia melihatnya. Kalau tujuan lelaki itu datang sini semata-mata nak flashback-flashback kisah lama, dia memang tak ada masa nak dengar semua tu!

“I nak you balik semula kat i. I rindukan you.”

Syarifah Armalia tarik senyum. Senyuman sinis. Rindu? Ada apa dengan rindu dari lelaki yang sanggup meninggalkannya semata-mata kerana harta? Kalau dari segi harta dan wang ringgit, dia juga tak kurang kayanya. Walaupun harta kekayaan semua itu milik papanya. Tapi Zarif tamak! Tetap mahukan yang lebih. Hah, itu yang tua pangkat mak-mak pun dia rembat buat bini!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cerpen kawan saya lagi tajuk 'Prey'

Assalamualaikum pembaca2 saya. hari ni saya post lagi satu lagi cerita yang kawan saya buat. harap2 korang bleh komen ya. kritikan membina sangat dihargaiiiiiii~~~~ :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


 = = = =

Baby I’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals

= = = = =


The sound of water dropping echoes through the apartment. Ferid is sitting in the living room slumping over numerous pictures taken from his outing today. A manic smile crosses over his face. He caresses the woman in the picture as if she is a china that need tender care.

He remembers how lively he feels when he sees the woman within his sight. The graceful attitude, the kind smile, the hearty laugh, how the woman covers her mouth when she laughs, everything. He remembers everything. Even to the smallest details like how her finger twitches slightly when she sees her favourite handbag brand having a sale of 50%.

He knows, she’s the only want he wants. No other person can be compared to her. No one can satisfy his needs as much as her. She’s like a breath of fresh air in his dull life, giving it speck of colours other than the ever existed grey.

The room darkens as the sun sets letting the moon takes over. Pictures are all over the room, the wall, the floor, the couch, the television. All of them are stalker photos. Maps, locations, addresses, and small detailed notes are all pasted to the wall together with the pictures. On the coffee table sets his laptop. He is busy tapping away, clicking on the mouse pad until a pop up window which shows various locations taken using surveillance cameras pop out.

A woman is all in the footage of the camera. She working, she eating, she bathing, she going for a movie with friends, she exercising, you name it. All of it are there. Not even one of her daily activities missed.

“Hello darling. Seems you have much fun today”, Ferid touches the screen.

“I’ll meet you at the club later okay hun? Gotta dress up to your standard don’t I?”

He crosses over the kitchen isle to his room. Sharp knives can be seen glintering in the darkness courtesy of the bright moonlight. Even without turning on the lights, the interior of the space can be seen perfectly.

He gets himself ready, donning a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his arm, a slim fit black jeans, and a pair of combat boots. To perfect the look, he adds on a Rolex, his favourite ring, and messed up his hair a little to get that sexy look he wants. He smirks into the mirror one last time before grabbing his wallet and car key and makes his way out.

= = = = =

That man is not your mate
And that’s why I’m gon’ take you

= = = = =

His car comes to a stop. Sitting inside the car with the aircond on full blast, he watches the side walk silently. Waiting, preying for that one person he’s been wanting for so long. It has been almost an hour and the woman is still nowhere in sight. His fore finger taps against the stering, getting faster with the ticking of his watch. Patience now thinning.

“Where the hell is the woman?”, he almost yell but stops midway when he sees her walking out from the apartment. She starts her car and speeds off. He tails her right after. Not so close but still close enough for him to see where she’s heading to.

Arriving at the club, she parks her car and walks up the entrance towards the bouncer, flashing her vip card to them before being allowed to enter. He quickly gets out of the car, locking it, and walk towards the same entrance. Flashing a few bills to the bouncers, he is then let into the club without much of a thought.

The club smells of alcohol, sweat, and sex. He scrunch his nose while eyes scanning the crowd. The disco ball bath the entire space with colours. She has disappear among the sea of bodies. Not one to waste the time, he spotted the bar and quickly make his way. He smiles to the young bartender and order a glass of bourbon. He really need a strong one right now, but guess what? That’s definitely have to wait.

He turns to the bartender. “Hey, you’ve seen a brunette? A tall one, wearing a short cocktail dress, the one in teal?”

While expertly mixing the drinks, as if he had years of experience under his belt, the bartender answers. “You mean Renee? Yeah. She just ordered her drinks a while ago. I bet she’s down there dancing, or probably somewhere there making out. Hah.” He points to a more secluded area.

“Thanks man”, he gulps the drink in one go. Ferid’s calm expression does not betray him of the jealousy and anger he feels right now. He waves a little to the bartender and walk to the dance floor. Scanning the dance floor, he sees her dancing with a man and he can feel his calm mask slipped. He quickly move towards them and yank the man away. Renee stops dancing and she looks alarmed. Everybody stopped dancing. Now, all eyes are on the three of them.

“Hey man. I’m dancing with her. What do you think you’re doing huh?”, the man slurs. Seems like Mr. Dancing Partner is drunk there.

“I’m taking her away”, Ferid grabs her wrist.

“No, you’re so not”, the drunk man swing his fist but missed and almost fall on his face.

The crowd gasp in shock. But some whooping and whistling sound can be heard too. Ferid smirks. Eyes twinkling with amusement. He swings his fist and directly make contact with the drunk man. The drunk man falls down before scampering away like a dog with its tail between its legs.

“Done gawking at us?” Ferid’s sharp glare makes the crowd resume whatever they have been doing before.

Renee struggles in his grip. He turns to her, smiling. “I’m sorry for that. I don’t mean to ruin your night. But that old man definitely wants not just a dance from you.”

“I know that. But what makes you any different from him? It’s always my body that men want. You’re no different. Isn’t that one night enough already?”

He feels his brows twitching. Anger seeping through him like a blow of hot air. No, this is not what he had planned. No, this woman is not just a one night stand. No. No. No. His hands move automatically, clamping around Renee’s arm dragging her to a place more secluded, away from the dance floor and the drunkards. All her protests fall on deaf ears.

Ferid slams her against the wall, trapping her against it and his body. Seething in rage, he pushes her head hard to the wall. “You really got me all wrong there my darling. Whoever said that that night will be our last one huh? I’m coming for you every fucking day. Don’t you ever forget that.”

Renee writhes in pain. She can feel her arms numbing. The side of her face stings. Red crimson oozing from her temple. Trying to break free, she uses every ounce of energy to push him away. But oh how Lady Luck is not on her side today. He doesn’t budge, even a little. Hands still firm on her arms. A hand comes up, smacking her right on the face. Another one clamping around her throat painfully, almost crushing her windpipe.

She gasps for air. Her eyes get teary. Black spots swimming in her vision, obscuring her view. “Please… no…” Her struggles are futile. Slowly, she goes limp in his hands. “Don’t worry princess. I’ll take care of you. You’re mine.” All she can see before losing consciousness is his face looming over her with sick shit eating grin making way on his face.

= = = = =

Now I’ve got you in my space
I won’t let go of you
Got you shackled in my embrace
I’m latching on to you

= = = = =


The sound of water leaking is the first thing she hears even before she can get a grasp of the situation. She can feel coldness seeping to her bones. She tries to open her eyes but they seem to disobey her. It seems like somebody has glued her eyelids using super glue.


Her ears picks up the sound of footsteps coming nearer and nearer. Renee tries to fake sleep. “Nuh uh darling. If I were you I definitely won’t do that. I know you’re awake already”, Ferid said in a mock sing song.

Renee opens her eyes. Golden teal meeting liquid mercury with specks of blue. Ferid smiles. A real, sincere smile this time. He looks 180 degrees different from the one who knock her out at the club. Trying to open her mouth to form words, she finds no understandable words formed. A gag is placed over her mouth. All she can make are gibberish sounds, groaning, and moaning in pain.

Her hands tied tightly to the back of the chair while legs secured safely around the leg of it. She tried moving but to no avail. She can feel her wrist stings from the friction by the rope. He watches her, getting amused with her antics but still not making any move. Tears started falling from her eyes. Ferid comes closer, cupping her face and wipe the tears away with the back of his hand.

“Shush… Don’t cry princess. You’re safe here with me. Don’t be scared. I’m not going to hurt you”, he says, taking off the gag.

“No. No. No. Please don’t hurt me. Le..let m..me g..g..o. Please… I won’t tell this to anybody. I promise”, she sobs. Her sobbing gets harder with the passing time. She knows all her begging are useless but she still tries anyway.

He crouches next to her. Hands caressing her face slowly, then her hair. He leaves lingering pecks on her forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and lastly lips. “Can’t do and I don’t want to”, he says before walking to the door, turning off the lights. The only sound accompanying her is the water leaking and the sound of footsteps nearing again.

Panic seeps through her every fibre when she feels hands all over her. The next thing is blood curdling screams echoing through the house.

= = = = =

I’m a slave for you
I won’t deny it
I’m not trying to hide it
I really wanna do what you want me to do

= = = = =

Sun rises. Sun sets. Moon never once misses taking over the shift from the Sun. Seconds turn to minutes. Minutes to hour. Hour to days. Days to weeks. Weeks to months. Time flies, hasn’t once stops. And Renee is still there, breathing, alive. Soon she lost count of time. Finally accepting the fate that is presented to her on a silver platter.

Ever since her first try of getting away, which ends up with her brutally ravished by the said man, she’s put in the cage. She can’t remember the last time she steps out of the cage or even the room. Thinking back, her master has been taking care of her all this time. She does not need to do anything.

No need to work her ass off for money. No old greasy man touching her everywhere. No more one night stands calling her asking for more. Everything she can ever think of, he will get them, prepare them for her. Where else can she finds such a nice wonderful person that loves her?

Her master always brings her food. Not one meal missed. Fresh clothes are always there for her to change into. Baths are always ready. He bathes her. Shampoos her. Soaps her. Rinses her. Feeds her. Lulls her to sleep. Pleasures her until she falls asleep and waking up with a delicious ache all over her body. You just name it, and all he had taken care of.

The only thing that’s separating her from being treated like a true human is the cage she’s in. But Renee seems not to mind about it anymore.


She knows her master has come for her. Smiles making its way to her face.


She tries to straighten out her dress, smoothing out any wrinkles. Renee combs her finger through her hair, not wanting to look messy. She sits prettily as Ferid comes nearing with a tray on his hand.

“Dinner time baby. You’ve been a good girl while I’m gone right?”, she nods enthusiastically.

“Of course you are. Here’s a treat for you”, he swings a packet of her favourite snack in front of her. She grabs it and gives him a chaste kiss to his lips.

“Let’s have our dinner and then I’ll reward you for being such a good girl today”, he smiles at her. She mirrors him back. Eyes glistening with adoration, happiness and submission. Ferid opens the lock to her cage and steps in, closing the door back with him.

“Yes, Master. I would love so. How’s your day today?”, she asks. Mouth waters seeing the food and excitedly waiting for him to feed her.

“I feel a whole lot better when I see you, when I’m with you”, Ferid replies, smiling softly while feeding her. She smiles shyly, munching the food slowly as she knows he does not tolerate her being messy.

Renee decides that she’s better here than off living in the real world. No, she won’t leave this man. No, she won’t leave this place. She believes there’s no other guy more suited to her. The very same thought goes through her as she later moans, writhing in pleasure, eyes peering upwards, watching her master on top of her. His grey eyes are clouded so hard with lust making them appear almost black. Their bodies move in rhythm, twin moans echoing throughout the house.

I’m his. He’s mine. Always. Forever.

Renee smiles.

= = = = =

I don’t wanna live in a world without you

= = = = =

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Short story kawan saya buat titled 'SHE'

Assalamualaikum pembaca2 saya. hari ini saya nak post satu cerita yang kawan saya buat. short story to be exactly as it has been written in English. (hokeyy speaking londonn sebab post cerita dlam bhsa inggeris). very out of the box. and i really appreciate if you guys can give some of your precious comment on this lovely masterpiece. my advice, read it with open heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


The house is dark. No lights bathing the interior except for the moonlight. A figure, a woman sits on the rocking chair, rocking herself in the living room. Her shoulders trembling. Soft sobs come out from her. Streaks of dry and fresh tears painting her face.

“Why? Why? Why?” She screams, pulling her hair. Standing up from the chair, she pushes it towards the double sliding door, crashing it into pieces.

She takes the paintings on the wall, breaks the frame, crushing them then tossing it on the floor, smashes the decorations placed on the cabinet, the television, throws down the cushion off the couch and still that hollow feeling deep inside her would not go away.

“Why… don’t people le…t m…e go..? I ca.. cannot t…take th…is a..any…more.” She cries out her frustration. Sometimes later she passes out due to exhaustion.

/ / / / /

He kills the ignition of the car and walks to the front door. He jiggles the knob slightly, inserting the key, and turns it open. It isn’t anything new for him to see that his house is still dark at this hour. He on the switch to his right and the hallway is bath in light.

Once he enters the living room, panic seeps into him. The living room is in such a mess as if a tornado has passed through. What happen? Oh god. Did the same thing happen? Where’s Eugene? He walks faster as he sees a lump in the middle of the room. Nearing, he knows that’s his wife lying there, unconscious. He leans down until his face is just above her wife’s and feels breathing. He checks for any injuries and doesn’t found one. Relief washes over him.

He quickly picks her up and heads to their bedroom. Fishing out his smart phone, he calls for their family doctor. He puts her down on the bed, wipes away the dried tears, changes her into fresh clothes, and waits for the doctor. Meanwhile, he himself changes out of his work clothes into something more comfortable.

The ring of the doorbell make him move. He opens the front door and led the doctor to the bedroom.  “How is she when you found her? Any clue of what happened?” The doctor asked while taking out his stethoscope and getting ready to measure her temperature and blood pressure.

“She’s unconscious when I found her downstairs. I think I can quite grasp of the situation, seeing how the living room is now.”

The doctor injects her with some fluids and finally turns to him, giving a small soft smile. “Nothing to worry. She’s just exhausted. I’ve injected vitamins into her. Hopefully she’ll wake up in a few hours.”

“I think she’s over stressed and also depressed. Not many are truly strong enough to continue their life normally after such incidents you know. You should spend more time with her.”

“Yes, doc. I’ll take note of that. Thank you.”

He leads the doctor out and bids him farewell. He turns back into the house. Things have changed since then. His calm, controlled mask slipped leaving the only the sad and tired ones on.

Forget the sound of the world for a moment tonight
Put down everything that’s tying you down
Then look at me
Look at your reflection in my eyes, look at my love

/ / / / /

A few months ago…

“You’re having a night shift today right? What time are you getting in?”, Eugene asks.

She heads to the kitchen, not waiting for an answer. She opens the door to the refrigerator and check whatever ingredients left. Deciding on spaghetti, she takes out the needed ingredients and starts chopping. She hums softly while heating a pan and throwing some garlics and chicken into it, letting them sizzles.

Hands wrapped around her waist, and she feels Mika resting his head on her shoulder. “Hmmm. Smells good. What are you cooking today my lovely chef?”

“Your favourite. Kinda feel like it. You okay with it right?” She pours the sauce into the pan and close it with its lid, letting the sauce cook. She feels him nodding against her shoulder, still not moving from the position.

“Now. Now. Stop being a big baby koala and help me set up the table. We can eat soon.”

“Yes, ma’am...”

Mika mock salute with a grin. He then moves to take two sets of plate and sets up the table. Once the food is done, Eugene brings it to the table and they serve themselves. They eat while having a small talks on anything mundane. Sometimes, a chuckle or two can be heard from them.

Once done, Mika get himself ready for work. Eugene packs some of the food for him to bring to work.  The clock strikes a quarter past half indicating that it is now 8.45 pm. Mika hurries down the stairs, taking the food from Eugene and gives her a kiss before making way out of the house.

“Be careful! Drive safely!”

“Yes mom…” Mika laughs. A content smile spread on Eugene’s face. She would not get enough or tired of his husband’s antics.


Mika arrives home from work the next morning. He kills off the engine and walk to the door. He turns the knob, entering the house. Something tugged his heart. He does not feel good. Usually, by now his wife is already awake, welcoming him from home with a smile plastered on her face. Right now, he can’t see his wife anywhere. The house is all dark.

“Honey I’m home… Where are you?” He puts down his bag and the food container on the kitchen counter. “You’re upstairs?” He switched on the lights in the kitchen and living room. He saw both of the space are in a state of disarray. Cushions thrown off. Shards of glasses are all over the floor. The drawers and the cupboards are all opened as if people searched through them in a hurry.

Worry and fear gripped him. “Eugene? Eugene? Where are you?” He speeds off upstairs to the bedroom. The door is ajar. He pushed the door open slowly. He sees a lump on the bed and comes near it.

“Eugene honey?” He pushes the blanket off and saw his wife. Her night gown is torn, droplets of blood visible on the sheets. His wife, his wife lays there unconscious, streaks of tears on her face.  Panic consumes him.

“Eugene... Eugene… Can you hear me?” Mika is now crying. Clutching his wife close to him, he carries her to the car and bring her to hospital.

After patching up Eugene and takes a few blood samples from her, the doctor steps out of the emergency room. “How’s my wife doc?” Worries written all over Mika’s face.

“She’s fine now. I’ve patch her up and now she’s asleep because of the sedatives I gave her. She probably will wake up sometimes later. So don’t worry. We’re moving her to room 325.”

Relief flooded Mika. He will thank all the deities later.

“However, there’s some bad news I need to tell you.”

Dread washes over Mika again.

“I discovered some cuts and bruises all over her body. It looks like she’s assaulted. I even find some internal bleedings at her private area. There’s even dried cum at her thigh. I don’t want to say much. We need to wait until she wakes up and ready to talk about it. I’ve contacted the police and they will be handling this case. I’m so sorry sir.” The doctor bows and make his leave.

/ / / / /


A few days pass by in a blink of an eye. Eugene although seems better physically, but still is unstable mentally. She refused to talk to anybody, preferring to sit alone watching the sun rises and sets as well as just looking out at nothing in particular. She flinches at every contact make towards her no matter if it’s from family and friends, more so strangers.

Due to the incident, Mika takes a couple of weeks off from work. Perhaps he spending sometimes with his wife can improve her mood even if just a little. His heart hurts when he sees what his once beautiful and cheerful wife has become. She now takes her appearance lightly, prefer to be alone, quiet, and the liveliness that always shines in her bright eyes are getting dimmer with each passing day.

It hurts a lot after she lost herself
She lost confidence and turn against the world
Beauty had left her
When hope was lost and she was about to say goodbye to the world

Firstly, Mika tries to make Eugene talk to him. He will give her a kiss to the forehead everyday accompanying his daily good mornings. Usually, Eugene will just ignore him. But if he’s lucky, Eugene will reply him with her own good morning and a smile. He spends more time with her. Eating, watching television, walks around the park, or even read to her. He also brushes her hair every day, making her look good so that she knows that she is still pretty.

Nightmares are always there haunting her. She always wakes up in the middle of the night, drench in sweat, and crying, screaming, begging for the assaulter to stop. There’s nothing Mika can do than holds her tightly in his embrace and whispering soothing words into her ears until she falls back asleep.

He tries to get a little intimate with her. Holding her hands, intertwining their fingers, loose embrace, cuddling, spooning, all that he had tried. Every time, Eugene still flinch. She will move a little, making sure there’s space between her and her husband. It hurts Mika a lot, but he doesn’t show it. He knows it is not easy for her to be comfortable with people touching her or be in her personal space any sooner.

He wanted her to realize that he is there for her, will always be there for her through thin and thick. But no matter how hard he tries, he feels that Eugene is drifting further away from him. Sometimes he feels like he can’t catch her anymore. They are together yet they aren’t.

Your hands felt even colder
As you take it out of my hands like you’re hiding
Without a word
Your small shoulders look so pain
My heart hurts

/ / / / /

It’s a Friday morning and Mika is still on leave so he decides to go to the market and look for some fresh vegetables and meat. He turned around, hands halfway hanging from buttoning his shirt up. His wife is still sound asleep on their bed, soft breathing can be heard. He smiles a little. Leaning down, he kissed her temple and straighten back. His hands continue buttoning his shirt.

Combing his hands through his hair, Mika take one more look in the mirror. He decides that he looked okay and grab his wallet and car keys. Before going out, he left a note on the dresser telling where he is off to. He turns to take one better look at his wife before walking out of the room.

A couple of hours later, he returns home. Hands full of groceries, he had quite a hard time fumbling with the keys to unlock the front door. He pushed the door open with his body and walk into the house, straight to the kitchen and leave the bags on the kitchen island.

He checks his watch. “Guess she’s still asleep. I better wake her up and we can prepare breakfast together.”

The door creaks as he pushes it open. He saw that the room is still dark but light can be seen under the door of the bathroom. Water could be heard running. He thinks that Eugene is in the bathroom cleaning herself so he change into a pair of more comfortable clothes and proceed to make their bed as well as opening the windows to let some fresh air in.

Almost 20 minutes passed and Eugene is still not out of the bathroom. Mika walks to the door and knocks a few time. No answer. He knocks again. Still no answer. Panic seeps through him. He turns the knob and push the bathroom door open.

Laying there unconscious in the bathtub is Eugene. A pool of blood at the side of the tub. She has cut her wrist, again, this time deeper than before. Blood still seeps through the open wound leaking onto the floor. The puddle of blood is getting bigger and bigger staining the white tile.

Colours almost drain from her face, making it turns a shade of blue. Mika quickly approach, pick, and wrap her in a big fluffy white towel, walking quickly into the room. “Hey… hey… You’re still with me right? Eugene… Eugene…” He sobs softly cuddling her close to him. His hands grab the phone on the night stand and call for an ambulance.

/ / / / /

White. White. White. White. No matter where she turns, all she can see is white. No buildings, no sceneries, no people. It’s just a blinding white. She moves her legs, forcing them to take her forward. She walks and walks and walks but it feels like all she had been doing is walking in circles. She can’t find the exit. Dread falls over her. Fear gripping her soul.

And then she feels it. Warmth. She hears a voice. Somebody is talking to her. She tries to open her voice, tries to speak, but nothing comes out. Silence is the only thing she can form.

“You’re strong. I know you’re strong. Stay with me please…”

The voice sounds so sad. She can feel her heart aches. Without realizing tears falls fall her eyes, staining her cheeks. She does not realize it, still trying to get a grip of the owner of the voice. She knows it somehow sounded familiar but she can’t put a name to it.

Suddenly she sees a door. She holds her hands out, yank the door open, and falls into complete darkness.

The rapid beeping sound of the heart monitor sounds too loud in the empty hallway. The sound slows down finally coming to a stop. Even the lines showing the heart rates are slowly becoming one straight line. Paramedics put around oxygen mask over her face and performed cpr all the way to the emergency room.

“Sir, this is as far as you can go. We’ll try our best to save her. Please wait here.”

Mika feels his heart almost stops. No. This can’t be happening. No. Don’t leave me. You can’t leave me.

Always come to me and lean on me
Even your soft tears, even your pain, I’ll share it with you tonight
Put down everything that’s tying you down
Then look at me
Look at your reflection in my eyes, look at my love
I will give you everything
Remember my love